Year 2002

December 20
Rapid-cycle PCR and its Applications
by Dr. Shea-ping Yip
(1 CPD Credit)

November 29
by Dr. Wei-kwang Luk
(1 CPD Credit)

October 23
Applications of HPV DNA testing in Cervical Cancer Screening Programmes
by Mr. Mark Van Asten
(1 CPD Credit)

September 24
Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Helicobacter Pylori Infection
by Dr. Benjamin CY Wong
(1 CPD Credit)

July 21
(3 CPD Credit)

May 31
Integrating Cytogenetic Changes with Functional Genomics
by Dr. Nathalie Wong
(1 CPD Credit)

May 4-5
Advances in Medicine 2002
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Department of Medicine & Therapeutics

April 23
Scientific Symposium on Flow Cytometry
(1) Principles and History of Flow Cytometry
(2) Clinical and Research Applications of Flow Cytometry

by (1) Mr. Keith J Caro
(2) Ms. Sharon Wu
(1 CPD Credit)

April 19
Fluorescent Scanning for FISH and Multi-colour FISH Imaging
by Tilman Johannes
(1 CPD Credit)

April 9
Scientific Symposium on Molecular Biology Techniques
(1) New Platform for DNA MicroArray
(2) Automated Preparation System for Nucleic Acid

by (1) Dr. Bettina Mockel
(2) Mr. Christian Starke
(1 CPD Credit)

March 15
Joint Scientific Seminar on Laboratory Accreditation:
An update of the Vanderbilt Molecular Infectious Disease Laboratory
by Dr Yi-Wei Tang
organized by HKMTA and Hong Kong Society for Microbiology and Infection

(1 CPD Credit)

March 8
An Surveillance of antibiotic resistance - potentials and pitfalls
by Dr P.L. Ho
organized by Department of Microbiology and The Centre of Infection Faculty of Medicine The University of Hong Kong

(1 CPD Credit)

February 26
Use of Bioinformatics in Medical Microbiology
by Dr Derek Andrew Wong
(1 CPD Credit)

January 28
Scientific Symposium on Laboratory Accreditation Programme
by Dr Thomas A Merrick and Dr Robert Baisden
(1 CPD Credit)

January 25
Disease Susceptibility Genes
by Prof. Nelson LS Tang
(1 CPD Credit)