Year 2003

December 19
Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations in Retinoblastoma
by Dr Richard K.W. Choy
(1 CPD Credit)

November 10
Biological hazards in medical laboratories
by Mr Brian J Evans and Dr WC Yam
jointly organized by Hong Kong Biomedical Scientists Association, Hong Kong Association of Medical Laboratories Ltd., Hong Kong Medical Technology Association, Hong Kong Society for Molecular Diagnostic Sciences Ltd., Hong Kong Society for Microbiology and Infection and The Institute of Biomedical Science (Hong Kong Branch)

(1 CPD Credit)

October 24
The Principle and Applications of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
by Dr Simon K.M. Lee
(1 CPD Credit)

October 2
23rd International Tutorial on Clinical Cytology and Biomarkers
by HK College of Pathologists & IAC Tutorials of Cytology

Sep 26
The Prospective Local Accreditation Scheme on Medical Testing: Give and Take of Medical Laboratory Professionals
by Mr. Tsim Yiu-Lam
(1 CPD Credit)

July 27
Annual Scientific Meeting 2003
(4 CPD Credit)

July 25
Workshop on Joint EQAS Program in Clinical Chemistry
by Bio-Rad Pacific Ltd and HKTMA
(2 CPD Credit)

May 10
Advances in Medicine 2003
by Dept. of Medicine & Therapeutics, CUHK

March 28
Blood Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
by Dr. Richard WC Pang
(1 CPD Credit)

March 19
Innovation in Blood Component Collection: Productivity, Product Quality and Consistency
by Dr. Helena Bunkens
(1 CPD Credit)

February 28
Diagnostic Applications of Molecular Cytogenetic Techniques in Haematological Malignancies
by Dr. Thomas SK Wan
(1 CPD Credit)

January 14
Joint Scientific Seminar:
Host and Virus Interactions Viewed from the Transcriptome
by Dr. Paul Kellam
organized by HKMTA and Hong Kong Society for Microbiology and Infection

(1 CPD Credit)