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  jointly invite you to

  The Scientific Seminar


 Real Time PCR Technology

                   Date:         Thursday, 1st April 2004

          Time:        7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

          Venue:      Lecture Theatre, G/F, Block M,

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon.





7:00 pm

Principle and Use of Real Time PCR in Disease and Mutation Detection

Dr Michael Tavaria, PhD
Customer Support Specialist
Scientific Applications
Applied Biosystems Australia.


7:40 pm

Diagnosis, Monitoring and Prognostication of SARS using Real Time PCR: from Research to Routine Application



Dr Rossa Chiu, MBBS
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Pathology,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong.



Question & Answer


HKIMLS CPD Accreditation:   1 point
HKSMDS CPD Accreditation: 1 point


Sponsored by Applied Biosystems Hong Kong

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