Information on SARS

Although Hong Kong SAR has already been removed from WHO’s list of areas with recent local transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the SARS virus, a new and unique member of the coronavirus family, is still poorly understood. The SARS virus spreads readily from person to person. Environmental conditions of the local hospital setting enhance the transmission considerably. In addition, it has a high case fatality rate (around 15%). Fortunately, intensive research effort currently under way can be expected to improve scientific understanding of the virus and yield better control tools, most notably a rapid and reliable point-of-care diagnostic test.

Laboratory professionals pay an important role in the fighting of this battle. With understanding of what members wish, our Association has set up a webpage in, in order to enrich members’ knowledge about the disease. Within the webpage, there are divisions of Articles; Slide Presentation & Press Release; Laboratory Tests & Diagnosis/Evaluation; Images & Videos; Genomic Findings; and Information from the Organizations. Members can find the most updated research reports and also the structure and genome of the SARS virus.