The Council at the monthly meeting in June 2005 has agreed to establish the HKIMLS Training Grant Subcommittee to approve Training Grant applications submitted by members. The Grant aims to support current members with not less than 2-year of HKIMLS/HKMTA membership to pursue the recent advances in medical laboratory sciences by attending conferences, seminars, workshops, or courses related to the profession.

Upon the approval of the Council in November each year, fund will be assigned to support members to attend local or overseas academic activities for the next financial year. There will be two rounds of applications each year, one in January and the other in July. Applications will be invited in December and in June. Eligible members could apply in January or in July depending on whether the activity which he/she anticipates to attend is to be held from April to September or from October to March.

If there are more applications than fund available, applicants will be selected on the basis of seniority and previous history of Institute/Association services. Fund remains at the end of the first round competition will be transferred to the second round for further competition but remaining fund of a financial year will not be carried forward to the next.

Applicants will be informed individually the results by writing in September or March. For enquiries, please contact the Chairman of the Training Grant Subcommittee via e-mail

Notes: Please pay attention to the Remarks on the Form.

Last updated on 7 July 2005