Vice-president of CAMLS, Director of Med. Lab., Gong-An Hospital, Tianjin, China

Twenty-first century will be the century of rapid development of Biology and Life Science. Brilliant achievement will be gained to control severe diseases, e.g. Genetic, infectious diseases, cancer and heart, brain diseases. For the early diagnosis, treatment and monitor these diseases, Medical Laboratory Sciences will play more important role. It will enhance the progress of Medical Science. 1) Leading technology - Molecular biology technique: various forms of gene amplification techniques in vitro will be automated and used widely; 2) Total laboratory automation and multipurpose large instrument; 3) Biosensor techniques; 4) Labeled immuno-analysis techniques: new labels and the combination use of labels, gene engineering antibodies and antigens will be the trend; 5) Flow Cytometry will be used in clinical lag; 6) Optimized test panel and TQM; 7) Organization of medical laboratory; centralized and decentralized; 8) The whole life education of laboratory personnel: need of multiple skills. The original professions will be hybridized.

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