School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is best defined as the continuous process by which individual medical laboratory scientists maintain, improve and extend their knowledge and skills for the performance of their professional and scientific duties. CPD has become the accepted mode of continuing education and training for practitioners in European countries and is regarded as a part of the life-long learning experience. It now plays an important role in the daily life of many practicing professionals, particularly those who are employed in the health services. In the setting up of a CPD programme, it should consist of :-

system well supported by legislation
a proactive professional body involvement
employers interests and supports
a variety of learning opportunities which are user-friendly
a system which is flexible enough to allow individual learning style to be accommodated
motivated practitioners

In this presentation, the CPD scheme currently in operation in Britain will be examined and its needs and possible implementation in Hong Kong discussed.

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