Malaria Parasite Quality Assurance Programme in Hong Kong, 2002-2006

Wai-Lin Leung and Kai-Man Kam

The Central Malaria Reference Laboratory, Public Health Laboratory Centre, Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, Hong Kong.


We report on the quality assessment of malaria laboratory diagnosis in Hong Kong from 2002 to 2006. Twenty-two laboratories, from private and public hospitals, participated in the Malaria Parasite Quality Assurance Programme. Both rechecking of routine slides and proficiency testing using unknown panels of malaria parasite blood films are valuable measures of laboratory performance. Outcome of the assessment of participantsˇ¦ performance showed 2003 to be the best year while 2004 the worst. We summarised the common problems that participants encountered and suggested ways by which the quality of malaria microscopy could be strengthened, including enhancing microscopist competency, and performance through constant training, supervision and quality control of malaria laboratory services.

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