Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Ltd.

Storage/Use of Dangerous Goods in Laboratories
(including commercial laboratories and laboratories in tertiary institutions)

        Our Association has delegated representatives to a Working Group for the captioned Bill to present ideas and recommendations from the point of view as medical laboratory technologists. Now the Working Group has recognized that a balance has to be struck between public safety and practical operation of laboratories. Inputs from our professionals are cordially invited, concerning the essential information of:


types and locations of laboratories where dangerous goods are used;


classes and quantities of dangerous goods in accordance with International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code that are generally used in the laboratories;


a general description as to how such dangerous goods are used in these laboratories, including the monthly turn over rate of such goods and the quantities generally required to be kept in the laboratories as buffer; and


any overseas rules and regulations governing the safe manufacture, storage and use of dangerous goods in laboratories which you may be aware of, or consider them suitable for the Working Group to make reference to.

         As the recommendations of the Working Group might have an impact to your daily operation, please provide immediately the above information to our Secretary through info@hkimls.org for consolidation.